Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fundraising First-Grader

What more can Will and I say...we have a fundraising 1st grader on our hands! And we are PROUD of it!

Last year Abi raised over $250 with Jump for the Heart. Her goal this year is $ first she said..."Well maybe I can raise $40" but we knew when she ran down the stairs with this letter that her goal might need to be a bit higher, so we encouraged her to do $100.

We hope that our involvement and fundraising efforts is an influence but we also have to give a shout out to Coach Rodriguez at her school...she hears what he is saying...whether that is how to play a sport, about good hygiene, healthy eating habits or how kids need new hearts. So thanks make a difference!

If you are willing and can donate $5...Abi would be grateful and so would we. She is learning a valuable lesson about helping others. Our friends and family continue to support us and together we can change the world.

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