Monday, May 6, 2013

Big News, Bigger Event!

I know, I know...Will just finished fundraising for his half marathon and we are asking again for a donation...but here's why...we still don't have a cure! So until we do Will and I are going to keep doing events and keep fundraising! Plus it is the 25th anniversary of TEAM IN TRAINING!

However, this event is BIG...go big or go home, right?  

We are training for a HALF DISTANCE TRIATHLON. Ever heard of an Ironman event? Well this is a half ironman but not an ironman event (by name)...but it is the same distance. We will be swimming 1.2-miles, cycling 56-miles, and finishing it off with a half marathon (13.1-mile run) on September 29 at the Kerrville Triathlon.

Now doesn't that deserve a donation...that's a total of 70.3 miles!

As always we train and fundraise in honor of those who have fought the battle with cancer.


Allie - Allie is my niece and just turned 19. She is an 'ALL' survivor and will be celebrating 19 years of remission this December. She is in her first year of college and was named the Overall Honored Hero for North Texas.

Georgia - Georgia celebrated her 1-year off treatment this April 29. She is a true warrior who fought against 'ALL' and won. We have been blessed to know her and her family and have followed along on her journey.

Grayson - Grayson is completing kindergarden year this June after it being interrupted with his diagnosis in fall of 2011 with 'ALL'. He is currently in the maintainence phase of treatment and has two more years. His mom (Kalee) and are train together often.

Nory - Nory was diagnosed with 'CML' in February 2012 at the age of 2. I met her mom shortly after. Nory is currently taking medication to help with CML but she will require a bone marrow transplant. Fortunately her brother is a match.

James - "ALL" survivor...finished chemo summer 2011! I met James' parents in winter season '09. They were BOTH training for White Rock. James' story hit home to me on one of the coldest training days of that season. His parents were also on the winter '10 season and occassionally brought James and his twin brothers to was awesome to have them on the course with us...always an inspiration!

Philip - "ALL" survivor...finished chemo summer 2011. I met Suzanne...Philip's mom on the winter '10 team. When I heard Philip's mission moment on September 18, 2010, my heart hurt but he's a one tough and strong boy. I am continuing amazed by him and his family.

Chad H. - Chad is a lymphoma survivor and interestingly enough the only adult on this page. Chad and his wife Christina have become good friends over the past year and half. Both are TNT alums and I ran my last event side-by-side with Chad who PRed that day -- nothing is more motivating then running next to a survivor!


In memory of...Griffin, Mavrick and Noah. All three boys who left this world way too young and too early. Each of their families regularly participate in TNT events.

Your donation is vital to help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. We are improving the quality of our lives by participating in these events as well as showing our own children what it means to give and help others. But more important with YOUR SUPPORT we can help improve the quality of life for patients and their families! If you want to see what those funds do and how they save this 3 minute will be amazed!

Please make a donation by clicking here or the 70.3 image on right-side of support of my efforts with Team In Training...the goal is $2500. Every dollar helps pave the way to a cure!

With love and gratitude for your continued support throughout the years!
-Dianna & Will

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