Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Houston Marathon: Round 2

It has been almost 2 years since my dear friend's son, Grant, experienced his first seizure and shortly after received a diagnosis of Epilepsy. It has been a learning experience not only for Grant but for the entire family. Grant's Gang started when I went to my friend (Jessica Watkins) and said "you wanna run Houston Marathon" and fund raise for epilepsy?"   Both charity runners already it seemed like the natural thing to do...Jessica needed to focus on something positive and I wanted to help her!  So there we were...Jessica, myself and Tony (Grant's grandfather) ran the  Houston Marathon in January 2013 and were the TOP FUNDRAISERS for the Epilepsy Foundation.  

This year more of our friends are joining Grant's Gang. Please welcome Robin Strong, Will Bacon, Andy Rose, Serene Simmons, Talya Sapienza, and Frank Payne! We are excited to have them training and running along side us. Granted it is nothing new...we are all long time TNT friends and you've probably seen their names mentioned in many of the previous posts on this blog.

Current statistics show that roughly 500 patients are diagnosed EVERY DAY with some form of epilepsy - 30% of those are children.  In addition to providing medical care, education, and therapy to epilepsy patients in Texas, The Epilepsy Foundation provides the largest residential epilepsy camping experience in the country! 

Grant attended The Epilepsy Foundation's Camp Spike N Wave last summer and will attend Camp Neuron this summer. It changed his entire perspective on his diagnosis Jessica said.  He was able to spend a week with kids just like him. Never having to be worried or embarassed that he might have a seizure. It was life changing! Jessica promised that moment that she would give back to the organization that has given so much to her son. 

Please consider a tax deductible donation today in honor of Grant. You may click on the donation link or the image on the right side under "DONATE".  Any amount will help us reach our goal and hopefully exceed it. We want to be the top fundraisers again!  

With love and gratitude!

Grant's Gang
Jessica Watkins, Dianna & Will Bacon, Robin Strong, Serene Simmons, Andy Rose, Talya Sapienza, Frank Payne and Tony Collins

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