Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Road to Ironman Cozumel

I have started this blog post at least five times in the past half hour...I have so much I want to say to Will before we head to Ironman Cozumel.  YET nothing comes out right or it doesn't come out at all because I'm afraid I might say the wrong thing.  We leave Friday morning and the event will take place on Sunday, December 1.

I'm almost giddy, like a kid on christmas day, just to simply be at the event but knowing my husband is racing in it...puts a whole different edge on it.  I'm hopeful, excited, confident in his ability and nervous all rolled into one...and those are my emotions...I can only imagine his!!  The only thing he has said this week is, "thinking of this event consumes me...consumes my entire day, every thought, every minute...I can barely think of anything else."

This morning I watched the special of the GoPro Ironman Championship in Kona.  I sat in amazement for 90 see pro-athletes pushing their bodies to the brink is absolutely incredible. But then to see everyone else...that really grabs your attention and it is SO inspiring.  What makes someone want to complete a 140.6 mile event?  I think for most people it is a sheer test of will. But in actuality, there's a story behind each one of those Ironman finishers!

What I'm asking today is that our friends & family post a message, prayer or even inspiring quote to Will on this BLOG in the comments section below...he doesn't check it often so I can show it to him Saturday night and let him read all the posts before the event.

If you want to track Will on Sunday you can by visiting the Ironman Athlete Tracker. His Bib #141.  I will also do my best to update facebook periodically throughout the day.  

Love & Thanks!

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