Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Pep Talk

I think we all need a pep talk...

Wanna know how you can be GOODER?  Wanna know how to make your life AWESOME?

Get that air flowing through your nose...get that heart beating! JOIN the TEAM!

Get out of your comfort zone and join this season of Team in find a defeat cancer.  Do something for yourself...and do something to help change the world!

North Texas Kickoff is this Saturday, February 9 at 2:00pm at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie that is for marathon, cycling, triathlon and hike teams (yes we have hike)!  If you can't make it out there you can still sign up! Training starts the following weekend. I posted the events in a previous blog post.

My dream...well I have a lot...but one high on the list is a cure for cancer and in the meantime I'll settle for cutting edge treatments that LLS and TNT are funding as I type this!  Those faces on my blog banner...I know them...I know their stories...they have touched my heart and together we will be successful...we will find a cure because we are on the SAME team!

Let's get to it...and be AWESOME together!

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