Monday, January 7, 2013

Run with your Heart

It is hard to miss (due to the countdown on the right side of this page)...that it has been 29 days since I ran the Dallas Marathon and 5 days till I run the Houston Marathon. I'm barely recovered from the last one and about to run another BUT...this one is for a cause and those, at least for me, are the best races to run.

That's right in 5 days Jessica and I will be running the Houston Marathon in honor of her son, Grant and his fight against epilepsy.  Jessica's Dad is also running the full in Houston and all 3 of us will be decked out in our Grant's Gang jerseys ready to tackle 26.2 miles.  We have been raising money for the Epilepsy Foundation and currently are at $3,059 thanks to our incredible friends and family who have supported us!

Today when I was on the Epilepsy Foundation website this statistic popped out at me..."1 in 26 people in the United States will develop epilepsy at some point in their lives."  

It seems fitting that we will be cover 26 miles on Sunday.  Each mile is dedicated to Grant and making that statistic disappear.  And when our legs are tired and we don't want to take one more step...we'll run with our heart because that is what mothers, grandpas and friends do!

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  1. Run with your heart. So fitting! Love it!!