Monday, September 19, 2011

9 + Peer Pressure = 22.1 miles

This weekend was full of running to say the least...22.1 miles to be exact. I didn't plan it that way but peer pressure got the best of me : )

In all honesty, the marathon training schedule calls for a 20 mile run 3 weeks before race day and Sunday was exactly 3 weeks out from Chicago Marathon. But two weeks ago Robin and I ran our 20 mile training run. It was hard...not gonna lie. It wasn't the best of training runs we've had but we got through it. So with three weeks out I needed a confidence booster.

Jessica, Tony (Jessica's Dad) and Serene had signed up for the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon. And like all good running friends...Jessica and Serene applied a good amount of peer pressure to sign up. So not wanting to feel left out and using the excuse that it would be a great 'training' race I signed up...on Saturday. Yes, the day before! Not to mention that Saturday is our TEAM run day so I ran 6 miles with the team and finished it off with a 3 mile walk with Allie. (Yep 9 miles the day before the race!)

I had no idea what the race course would be like but I was determined to at least run a decent race. I needed to log these miles and I needed to feel good about it. I ran a good amount of the course with Serene and we had a great time catching up. The course had some rolling hills...not horrible but not what I was hoping for.

But when it came down to it...I crossed the finish line and I was happy! It wasn't my best time nor my worst but all in all I had a great day. I was happy with my average pace and am hoping to carry that forward to Chicago. What made it even better...Will and the kids decided to come to the festival and were at the finish line!
And when I got home from work today...I had a surprise in the mail. My Chicago Marathon confirmation ticket! 18 days to go and I think I'm ready.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

September...should be like October!

I've been pretty quiet these last couple weeks...but today I got fired up again. Our new winter team had our Honored Hero Luncheon and we had a fantastic turn out! It was great to get together with teammates outside of running clothes and share friendship and food!

I was reminded today that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and I have a wish. That wish is that the month of September would be just as big as the month of October in that October is "pink-ed out" supporting breast cancer. Don't get me wrong...I support breast cancer research. My Mom is a 20 year survivor and I never want to have to go through what she did nor would I want my daughter, niece or anyone else I know. However, I want the same support for children enduring cancer. Everyone who reads my blogs knows that children with cancer pulls at my heartstrings more than anything else. It is heart-wrenching to see a child endure cancer!

Please help me support fellow teammates as they fundraise and train to find a cure. If someone asks you for donation...please give! Even $5.00 means the world to that person asking! Incredible, kind and giving people have joined our TEAM this of our coaches said it best last week "We are pushing our bodies to meet new challenges, and raising funds for life-saving research. Whether we knew someone that had been touched by a blood cancer before we joined, or if we met them along the way, we all have some connection to the cause. Every step we take, every training mile we log, and every dollar that we raise makes a difference in someone’s life. "

So please help us make a difference in someone's life...especially the life of a child!


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