Thursday, March 7, 2013

Will's Way to the Triple Crown

Written by Will...

After taking a little time off after the Cap-Tex Triathlon, and after watching Dianna run a few more marathons, I realized that I missed being out on the course ---- so I am back for another new season, with a new team, and for a new event – THE WOUNDED WARRIOR Half-Marathon!

Ever since Dianna got me started with Team in Training, I have enjoyed training with the cycle, run, and triathlon teams….but this season, as a fund-raiser for the run team, I get an even better opportunity to earn the coveted TRIPLE CROWN! What this means is I will have fund-raised for, and completed, a cycle event, a triathlon, and a run event – all with Team in Training!! I have always said that I consider Event-Day to be the “Victory Lap” for all the hard work we put in during the training season. This season’s Victory Lap will be even that much sweeter given that it will be the Triple Crown event!

Additionally, I have the honor of contributing to 2 great causes this time around:

Of course I am training and fundraising in honor of Georgia, our honored hero and friend who lives in Austin. If you recall, Georgia was diagnosed on her 10th birthday in December of 2009. Georgia is now TEN months OFF TREATMENT - what awesome news is that?! She has had some signs of bone loss in her left ankle that they are monitoring closely which required her to wear a boot for some time but it hasn't slowed her down. Dianna was able to see her in February at the Austin marathon and we hope to see her & the Moore family again this summer. Georgia provides the much needed inspiration we need when the miles get long, the water is cold, and the Texas heat is unbearable. When it seems easy to just quit, I always remind myself that if a youngster like Georgia can put up a fight in the face of a life-threatening cancer, I can make it through a few extra miles….the comparison isn’t even fair! :-)

Another reason this event is special is because of the event itself – The Wounded Warrior. The Wounded-Warrior half-marathon honors and gives a portion of its proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project & Fisher House. Some folks know that my Dad (Bill Bacon) is a wounded warrior! It seems strange to say given that this is 2013 and most people’s reference and recollection of war starts with the first Gulf War, then Iraq and Afghanistan. My Dad was an Army officer in the late 60’s and early 70’s after being commissioned after graduating from Texas A&M University. During a tour in Vietnam he was hit by enemy gunfire leaving him with injuries to the shoulder and collarbone area. He was awarded a Purple Heart for sustaining injuries during combat and a short time later was medically, and of course honorably, discharged from the Army. Currently, he is retired and living in Central Texas and spends much of his free time working with the Military Order of the Purple Heart. This event is a great reminder that, while it is important to support our current military heroes, it is also just as important to remember that we have many oft-forgotten heroes living and walking amongst us after having served many years ago in wars that may not have always been very popular. In other words, let us not forget to thank and remember ALL of our military heroes who step up and serve with honor, without question, and without the need for recognition.

Myself, my daughter and my Dad in Austin after Captex Tri in May 2012

My fundraising goal for this event is $1150.  You've supported us through every event and we need your support again to help us reach our goal and help find a cure.  Please don't delay...the new slogan of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is "Someday is Today!" because LLS is committed to CURES TODAY! Every little bit helps so please know that even small donations add up.  You may donate by clicking this link or clicking on my photo to the right under donate. 

Thanks so much for your generosity – and let me know if you ever want to join us out on the course!

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