Wednesday, May 16, 2012


STRONGER THAN CANCER... it has been Grayson's team motto since day one of his diagnosis and I am a proud supporter...wearing it during my Team in Training Rock & Roll Half Marathon event as well as during several of my tri training sessions. I am also a big fan of the song "Stronger" and its on my iPod to listen to while I run. Yes, I enjoy some good 'ole Kelly Clarkson tunes!

But this week those words took on some new meaning and some of you might know what I'm referring to, but if not I wanted to share it with you.  Georgia's mom, also posted it on their blog as its been buzzing all over the internet.

What I'm talking about is a video to the song "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson that was filmed by Chris Rumble, a 21 year old cancer patient at Seattle Children's Hospital. Since he was diagnosed at the age of 21 he spent 35 days in the children's ward as he was on the border between adolescent and adult care.  You can read more about Chris and the video here.

Watch the inspiring video

Kelly was so moved by the video that she sent her own message back to the children!

One last video...behind the scenes

And just like Grayson...all these children are...STRONGER THAN CANCER!

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