Monday, May 14, 2012

Ready to Rally

Summer TRI Team Ready to Rally!
Saturday, May 5 our tri team participated in the Head for the Hills Bike Rally.  It was a 40 mile route which ended up being anywhere from 40-48 miles depending on which direction one of the police took you
; )  but all in all everyone made it to the finish line and had tons of fun!!  We even got to ride about 15 miles in pouring down rain.  And I'm not being really was a good time for all!

Speaking of rally-ing...our event is 12 days away...can you believe it?  12 days away!  This weekend is our final training and team party!

And finally I wanted to pass on this awesome tidbit...from the start of spring season to now (so that includes my Rock & Roll half marathon event that was in March) and Will and I's fundraising for this event...we have raised a whopping $4,871.24!  

And it is all THANKS TO YOU...our friends and family who have supported us every mile of the way!  Take a moment and pat yourself on the back because you have made a have helped impact someone's life for the better through better treatments and patient services.  GO TEAM! 
The girls at Rest Stop #2

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