Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Help Cover Noah's Walls

Our Team in Training Spring Run/Walk 11 year-old Honored Hero Noah Kiser (nephew of Pam who is on the team too, pictured above) needs our help! Noah was diagnosed with ALL June 2011 and has been in and out of the hospital since due to both regular treatment and complications. He is back in the hospital with a serious infection in his lungs and sinuses. A biopsy has been done to determine the nature of the infection but the family will not get results for a few days. Noah is sleeping most of the day but when he wakes he is, of course, confused and unhappy.

Pam would like his walls to be covered with “Get Well” and “Thinking of you” cards to help ease some of this pain when he wakes and let him know that he has an entire TEAM by his side.

It's super easy to send a card. Just click on the link below. Noah is in room 237. The hospital will print the cards and deliver them to Noah's room! You can read more about Noah on his caringbridge site.

NOTE: The link to send a card was removed. They were overwhelmed (a good thing)!

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