Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Windy City & Gray Skies

Race week is here...almost over actually and I'm headed to the Windy City tomorrow for the 2011 Chicago Marathon. As always I've prepared as much as I can...I've read everything (twice)...I've trained, planned, packed...done it all. I'm ready and for the first time, in all honesty, I think I have a real chance at making my goal a reality. So we'll see...whatever happens on race day is beyond my control. I have to relinquish that control to the man above. And since not being in control is something I'm always working on...I'm hoping that my faith, belief and trust will help me on Sunday when I need it the most. The motto of this year's Chicago Marathon..."Let's Run Together" fitting as my honored heros are always on my mind & running with me.

What I couldn't control was that my little girl got sick this week : ( She missed 3 days of school and has been running a fever all week. Those who know me well...know that this caused an incredible amount of worry. My mind often drifts to the worst case scenario (something else I have to work on). It definitely put a damper on the week and altered some training plans but as long as she is on the mend I will be good.

On the subject of children...I want to ask for some special prayers for a kinder friend of my daughter. Last week we found out that a boy in the room next to her was diagnosed with leukemia. I don't personally know his family but children like him are why I run. His name is Grayson. He is 5 and in kinder...what should be an exciting time for him and his family but instead they heard the words no parents wants to hear. BUT I have some good news...Grayson is in an elite group of children with leukemia...his body has responded so well to chemo that after 8 days of treatment he is considered to be in remission! Now...he still has to endure 2.5-3 years of treatment like the majority of children with 'ALL' but this is a really good sign. To learn more about Grayson please click him name and it will direct you to his blog - When Skies are Gray.

So until Sunday...send prayers for safe travels, healthy bodies, quick legs and most of all comfort to Grayson and his family!

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  1. Great post Dianna-even as I run the streets of Tyler my prayers will be with you and also with Grayson and his famly. Have a great race!