Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This one's for Grayson

This past August my daughter, Abi, started kindergarten. And my niece, Allie, started her senior year. Most of you know how close Allie and I I thought it was perfect that as Abi started her educational journey...Allie would be finishing hers. As a mother and a teacher...this was an exciting & happy time. Her year started along with roughly 120 other happy (and nervous) kinder students at her school. But in late September after about six weeks of school...I found out that one of those kindergartener was diagnosed with leukemia. His name is Grayson. And his mom...a fellow teacher at that elementary school.

My heart broke, tears flowed and new honored hero was added to our family's mission. I had to find a way to help.

I just finished running the Chicago wasn't a Team in Training (TNT) event but I always run for my honored heros. They are the reason I run. So as Abi and I decorated the sign I wear on my back...she added Grayson's name to it.

So I'm at it again...I signed up for spring season with TNT and will fundraise in Grayson's honor. The event for spring is the Dallas Rock & Roll Half Marathon on March 25. The money raised goes towards research and patient services...research that will help discover more effective treatments for leukemia and eventually find a cure!

Allie's the reason I got involved with TNT and over the past 11 years we've met too many children with Grayson. But Allie has been blessed...she will celebrate 17 years of remission this December. I want that for Grayson and his family!

Please consider helping me in my mission & donating in Grayson's honor. My goal is to raise $800. Not sure what to give? Or think it might not be enough? Well, every dollar helps...
  • Donate $5.00 in honor of Grayson being 5 and fighting cancer.
  • Donate $13.00 in honor of me running 13.1 miles for him.
  • Donate $17.00 in honor of Allie celebrating 17 years in remission.
  • or donate more if you can...just click the link below

You can read more about Grayson by visiting his blog.

Much love & thanks! GO TEAM!

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