Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Racing Day Approaching and Knee Surgery

Sunday will be my 5th HALF marathon...I'm excited as I think I'm actually prepared for this and might get the time I've been hoping for after completing two full marathons at the end of 2010. But with that being said, one can prepare all that want for a race, but you never know how the actual race day will turn out, so I'm anxious.

Furthermore, I'm doing this one on my running partner and no TNT. TNT typically doesn't co-participant in events that benefit Komen. And while the Komen organization uses some funding for things I don't personally agree with...I do give them credit as they have brought great awareness to breast cancer research. As most of you know my Mom is a breast cancer survivor and I want a cure for that just as much as I want a cure for blood cancers. I just wish that much awareness was given to childhood cancers...ALL cancers for that matter!

So off my soapbox...what's this about knee surgery some of you might be asking??

Unfortunately my Mom injured her knee and today is having a complete knee replacement. Please send prayers her way as the surgery requires several weeks/months of rehab. She was very upset that she will (obviously) be unable to complete the half marathon in May but I'm hoping to run it for her along with Allie!

So wish me luck on Sunday and wish my Mom luck on the long recovery!

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