Monday, March 28, 2011

Be the Match...Be the One!

Well I ran the Dallas Rock & Roll HALF Marathon yesterday (Sunday, March 27) but you are all going to have to wait for that post...because today I came across a news story that I wanted to share because in part it is also connected to our mission...

With our house move about one month ago I realized that I hadn't paid much attention to the news or what was going on. So today I came across a story about a toddler named Winslet Seoighe who lives in McKinney. She is 17-months old and has been fighting for her young life since the day she was born. Winslet was born with only 33% of the blood volume a baby should have. Winslet's only chance for a cure was a life-saving bone marrow transplant. This is the same procedure that many blood cancer patients must have in order to save their lives! Winslet is one of the lucky ones....doctors found a 6/6 match from the National Marrow Donor Program cord blood bank. Winslet endured eight days of intensive chemotherapy in preparation for her bone marrow transplant, which took place February 3, 2011.

You can read the latest about Winslet in the news story I saw today...she is home and recovering I always say...simply amazing!

Winslet's mom wants to get the word out about Be the Match..."she wants others to be as lucky as they've been. She encourages women to visit, where they can get information about donating their umbilical cord if they're pregnant and whether the hospital where they deliver accepts cord blood donation. People can also register on the site to be a bone marrow donor."

I encourage you to check out the Myths & Facts about donating your bone most cases it is simple and relatively painless AND most important can SAVE A LIFE!

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society encourages people to become donors...I've been a donor since I was 18...when Allie was diagnosed. I was called once...back in 2001...I was so hopeful that I could help someone. In the end, I wasn't the right match but honestly, I wait for the day that it will be my turn to donate my bone marrow.

You to can BE THE MATCH!

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