Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Honored Hero: JC

Meet JC...he is the son of a teammate. JC was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago. This year he started kindergarten and is still undergoing treatment and will do so until 2012!

Melissa, his mom, shared his story last week at training. Melissa and her family know first hand the pain & hardship that comes with fighting cancer. On her fundraising website, she says, "Even though it has been two years since JC was diagnosed, I can remember the doctor telling me my then, 3 year-old baby, had leukemia like it was yesterday. No mom should have to experience the heartbreak of hearing such news or live daily wondering what the future holds for her terminally ill child."

So if you are wondering why we do what we do...its for kids like JC and their families...to show them we care and that we want to do whatever is in our power to help. And to give hope to the future generations!


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