Monday, September 6, 2010

Read, Give, Hug...and of course, RUN!

I must start off in saying that I've got a lot to say so be patient and be prepared to READ, GIVE and HUG!

1. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! So without being too pushy I think everyone should do their part and donate $5.00 to help find a cure! I'm not asking for more... just a mere $5.00! $5.00 is the cost of your Starbucks coffee, a Chic Fil A sandwich, Subway footlong or ice cream at Marble Slab...I could go on but I'll stop because you get my point. Everyone can spare $5.00 and you do it without thinking every day so put that $5.00 towards finding a cure for cancer. And in return for donating $5.00 I will put your name into the POT OF GOLD which gives you a chance of winning over $2,700 in gift cards! Yes that is person will win the entire pot and you'll have all your christmas shopping done and then some!

2. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! If you are a parent hug your child a little tighter tonight and say a prayer for their good health. Georgia, one of my honored heros, has been on my mind I wanted to give everyone an update on her. I am so happy to say that she returned to school this month. I honestly cried when I read that one simply post from her blog. So many kids wish they never had to go to school again but that was one of the biggest things Georgia missed...being at school with her friends! Also, Georgia was granted a "wish" from Make A Wish Foundation...she will be spending her 11th birthday at Walt Disney World with her family...exactly one year after she was diagnosed with "ALL". Georgia is one strong and determined girl...she is a warrior and I'm proud to have her as one of my honored heros. Knowing her battle...makes me a better person and a more determined runner!

3. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! With each September comes Labor Day...a day of rest and relaxation...yeah right...maybe for some. I spent Labor Day "laboring" in the Labor of Love 10k event with my friend Robin. We woke bright and early to get in 5 miles before the race even started. Then at 8:00am we were off to tackle the 10k (6 miles). A walk in the park...right? WRONG...that 10k was the hillest 6 miles I have EVER run! Those who say Texas is flat should come visit Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney because they have some hills but oddly no downhills : ) Robin and I made it...tired and hot at the end...but oh so happy! That was Race 5 for me! I'm proud to say that we ran the entire way except for the quick walk breaks to refuel and finished in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Our training for Marine Corp is going well...we will be tackling 16 miles next weekend so wish our legs luck!

As always, thanks for your continued support! Every dollar donated, prayer, post to this blog, facebook or email means the world to me!


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  1. You are a machine! Continued luck with the training, and thank you for keeping Georgia on your mind!