Monday, August 30, 2010

Race 4: Hottest Half

First off...I gotta give credit where it is running buddy Robin (pictured above with me) designed the image and she did a great job...I love it! Yes I know I'm a graphics teacher but school was just beginning and I simply didn't have the time to be so creative so I am "borrowing" her work...hopefully my students don't follow my lead : )

Robin and I participated in the Hottest Half 10k on Sunday, August 15 and it was HOT! I think we made a very wise decision in only doing the 10k (6 miles) instead of the half (13.1 miles) considering they ran out of water by mile 3! Not to worry...Robin and I are as prepared as you get and we had our fuel belts on with our own water.

This was RACE 4 for me out of the 10 I hope to complete this year. We had a great time and as you can see still had huge smiles on our face at the end. I was really excited to have a new shiny medal for my collection.

Robin and I's next race is the Labor of Love 10k on Labor Day in will mark off Race 5 for me and will help us get prepared for the Marine Corp Marathon which is 61 days away but who's counting??

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