Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Bump in the Road

UPDATE 8/1/13: Surgery was reschedule to the first week of October.  Thank you to those that have emailed and text to see if I was ok...much love!

This post is definitely more personal than most...usually I focus on updates about honored heroes, training or events but this one just needed a little more explanation : )

I started running in July '09 after I received a Team in Training informational flyer in the mail. I was already a TNT alum but it had been several years since my last event or Will's for that matter -- and those were cycling events NOT running.  But I wanted to be a runner and I wanted to lose those dreaded 10lbs after having two babies.

The flyer offered Dallas White Rock Marathon Relay - basically get a team of 5 people together and each one runs a 4-6 mile leg and of course fundraise for LLS/TNT.  Fundraising has always been easy for me...but running not so much.  I had never run 1 mile without walking....but I thought (and hoped) I could surely train & run 5 miles.  Will jumped on board...he is the first to know that anything that gets me active & moving can only be a plus.  We also asked Allie to join the team as the event was 2 days before her 15th year in remission and what better way to celebrate than crossing a finish line together!  Finding two others proved difficult so as the season started in August - it was the 3 of us which meant I wasn't running 4-6 miles I would be running 10 miles.  That season was remarkable...truly the best TNT season I have ever been a part of.  Granted they are all awesome but that Winter '09 season was unforgettable! I met some of my dearest friends that season who remain by my side through all of life's ups and downs.

I'll bear you the details of the entire 4+ months of training or the actual event day...but that season & event is what sparked this blog...AND we haven't stopped training & fundraising since that Winter '09 season.  

Most recently I began training for a  half distance triathlon (70.3 miles of swimming, cycling and running). It is my BIG goal.  But last week there was a bump in the road.

I'm having to stop training and delay this TNT season.  The people who know me best know I've always had migraines since I was a teenager, but they have gotten worse in the past year. To the point that I was beginning to miss work.  Recently I went to get a second opinion from a new neurologist.  He sent me for two MRIs, EEG and a sleep study.  I received results last Tuesday that I have a 6mm disc herniation on C5/C6 and it is compressing my spinal cord and nerve. I was immediately sent to a neuro surgeon two days later for a consultation.

I honestly thought they would say do some PT and you are good to go...but the surgeon explained there are no options to remove it except surgery because of the compression.  PT or injections would only help relieve pain.  I could wait to have surgery until the pain worsens but surgery would be required at some point. Here was the kicker for me...it was recommended that I stop or limit my training.  The concern is that since its already compressing the cord if I was to get into an accident on my bike, fall running etc there could be permanent damage and even paralysis.  This is what I do...I train to help fight cancer...it is part of me and I honestly can't imagine my life without TNT.  

Will and I think the best option is surgery, so it is scheduled for early August after we go on our (already) scheduled family vacation. I definitely want to enjoy part of my summer with my kids and limit how they are going to be affected. 

Recovery is 12 weeks and hopefully after that I will be cleared to train again.  My account isn't a drop...but a transfer.  So as soon as I get clearance the majority of my funds that have been donated thus far will come back...hopefully Spring '13.  

I'll be starting from scratch...which is what makes me recall that Winter '09 season. But I know that my running partners will be there next to me -- I recently shared this below so they know who they are : )

I can't forget to mention that Will is still going to train for the Kerrville half distance.  He is actually the Team Captain and I can assist behind the scene (he loves that...ha!).  Captains and mentors have an option to not fundraise...he took that option as he just finished fundraising for his Wounded Warrior event which is this Sunday.  He has supported me through 5 marathons...always on the course to support me, so it is my time to do the same for him!  I can't wait to see him cross the finish line Sunday to complete his Triple Crown...and better yet in September after 70.3 miles!


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