Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kicking Booty

Our Tri coach told us Saturday that this will be our hardest month of training...we will hit some two-a-days trainings (which I've already done) as well as some aches, pains and simply exhaustion. But NONE of that compares to what a child (or adult) endures going through treatment.

The photo above is one of my honored hero, Grayson...with a face that says "I'm kicking cancer in the booty!" It is photos like this that make me smile from ear-to-ear yet can bring tears streaming down my face.

Grayson is entering his roughest phase of treatment this month is called Delayed Intensification. It is a 60 day treatment cycle and anytime there is a drop in counts, he will be delayed on getting his chemo. Kalee, his mom, is guessing there will be lots of those delays since he’ll be getting 6 different types of chemo on a rotating schedule. He’s had all but 1 of those thus far and unfortunately has experienced leg pain, muscle weakness, extreme nausea/vomiting and just flat out misery. But even Kalee knows there is a light at the end...that being after this is done things should smooth out and he'll be on maintenance which is 3 years of at home chemo. I pray daily that this phase goes by fast for Gray and he'll be nearing the end with a blink of the eye like our other honored hero Georgia who is less than 25 days out from her VERY LAST CHEMO treatment! We are so excited for her and hope to see her while in Austin for our event.

Do you want to help Grayson kick cancer in the booty? Well you can do that and help us reach our goal...we still have $500 to raise. Click the donate widget to the right and make a donation today!

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