Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Half Dozen + 1 Request

So Sunday, June 12 marked my 6th half marathon - Wounded Warrior in Las Colinas, Texas. This was the 2nd annual Wounded Warrior half marathon and it was started to honor men and women of the military and help raise money for the Semper Fi Fund, which provides assistance to Marines & Sailors injured in post 9-11 combat, and ReserveAid, which gives financial support to Reserve Service Members from all branches of the military. It is an incredible cause and after running Marine Corp Marathon last October I would run almost any event benefiting the Semper Fi Fund.

Needless to say it was HOT. I ran the event with several friends - Meg, Serene, Jessica, myself, Robin and Tammy (in order). We didn't all stay together but it is nice to know you have some buddies out there feeling what you are feeling...hot, tired and ready to see that finish line. The course is relatively flat and fast...but again it was HOT and its Texas in the summer! It wasn't my best time but it wasn't my worst so I'm proud of that. Around mile 9-ish if I recall cor
rectly I found myself really "digging deep" because the sun was beating down and at that point there wasn't any shade. I always wear my orange Georgia bracelet on long training runs or race days...and as I circled it on my wrist several times it gave me that extra boost I needed for that final 3 miles. I crossed the finish line with a big smile, thanked the ROTC gentleman who handed me my shiny new medal and said a little prayer that I made it without needing a medic!

On a more serious note...my prayers honestly went out to the men & women who serve our country and give us the very freedom who allow us to be able to run freely & safely in this country. Secondly, they go out to my honored heros...like Georgia who are strong & courageous in their battle with cancer. Georgia continues to do well and for that I am so very thankful. However, I (and Allie) have another honored hero, Morgan, who could really use your prayers...so this is where my request comes in. Morgan, who just accepted her high school diploma less than a month ago, has been battling leukemia since December of 2009. Morgan is from Frisco and her and Allie became fast friends. Allie volunteers for many of Morgan's fundraising events and tries to see her whenever she in in Frisco visiting. Today Morgan was admitted into the hospital and directly into ICU. Allie doesn't know much more than that but Morgan's mom posted on FB and asked for prayers so if you can add her to your prayer list we would greatly appreciate it.

Here's to another half dozen...or more...until we find a cure!

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