Friday, June 10, 2011

Can we Outrun Cancer?

Shortly after I started running in July of 2009 and came back to TNT to tackle marathon training I subscribed to Runner's World magazine. I love it and I look forward to it coming every month in the mail. I read it cover to cover. Well this month I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find an entire article dedicated to "outrunning cancer" and it talks about TEAM IN TRAINING!

The article showcases what a difference individuals can make by running for the cause and shares inspiring stories highlighting cancer survivors!

In the article TNT is mentioned frequently! In fact it points out TNT has raised more than 1 billion dollars since 1988. What's most exciting is the mention of our funding of research that led to the development of the breakthrough cancer drug Gleevec. First approved to treat patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia, it's now being tested for patients with breast, ovarian and prostate cancer as well as nerve, brain and small cell lung cancers. And Gleevec is also being tested on melanoma and other diseases. Will and I have trained beside teammates who currently take Gleevec...they're alive...running and cycling today because of this drug.

There is even a feature on Dr. Brian Druker...the doctor who developed Gleevec with funding in part by TNT! Here's what he had to say about TNT:

"The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society recognized the opportunity with Gleevec," Dr. Drucker says. "They were willing to take a chance on our work. Unfortunately, researchers today are basically in the same position as we were a decade ago. If anything, it's even more difficult for novel research to gain federal funding. We're more reliant than ever on private non-profits like LLS."

So can we OUTRUN CANCER? I honestly don't know. Will says I have an unhealthy fear of cancer...and I do. But I'm willing to give it my best my children nor myself ever have to battle this disease or lose a loved one to it. So I'm willing to keep training and keep fundraising if it helps save my life, my child's, a loved one or even a perfect stranger!

I'm proud to WEAR the color PURPLE to most events. I'll be wearing it this Sunday, June 12 as I run the Wounded Warrior Half marathon with my TNT friends. And I'm proud to be a part of THE TEAM! The TEAM that will one day bring down the ugly monster we call mile at a time!

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