Saturday, March 27, 2010

Will, Wind & Thanks

Written by Will...

Just completed 44 mile training ride in 20-30 mph winds....needless to say it was tough. 2 weeks ago we trained south of Dallas around Joe Pool Lake which is my least favorite training ride of the year. It is far from home, unfamiliar, hilly, and since it is by the lake it is always windy - which for those who do not ride a bike - let me be the first to tell you that wind is not always your friend when you are riding. No matter which way you turn it always seems that you are fighting it. The anticipation of the ride in the week leading up to it always makes me try to find an excuse on why I don't need to make that ride. On my final turn back toward the finish, I had about 10 miles into the wind. I thought alot about why I don't like that course and like a ton of bricks it hit me - what it must be like for our honored heros when they go to treatment - they have to leave their home, go to an unfamiliar place, usually far from home, and anticipate a variety of treatment that most likely involves needles and medication that leaves them feeling bad and unable to keep food down. After I thought about it I realized that my 10 miles into the wind was nothing in comparison and I finished with a little more perspective.

Please check out Georgia's blog by clicking on her picture to the right. Her mom Courtney assembled a team and participated in St. Baldricks. It is an awesome, inspirational event so please go to the site and look at the video and pictures. As a teaser, Courtney had her head shaved on TV in Austin the day before (photo above).

We are also happy to report that, aside from the "normal" bumps in the road, Georgia continues to do well. When you check out the blog for St. Baldricks, please leave your comments - the support that everyone shows has been amazing - we need to keep the momentum going.

Last thing, TNT made some changes to my fundraising site and the names of donors have not been moved over yet. We do anticipate that it will happen in the next few days. Thanks so much for everyone's support and we do intend to have that recognition back up soon. Thanks again for the generosity you have shown to support this cause. We are doing this in honor of Georgia - and remember - your generosity goes toward helping so many other kids just like her.

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  1. Thanks to both of you for all the support and kind words. Each of us is drawing on a strength that is not our own, and when we combine that power, look what we can do! Georgia is truly honored to be "honored" and just know that we're keeping your family on our minds, too!