Friday, March 26, 2010

Get Up and Go!

I found that over the course of the last 9 months I have truly enjoyed running and I think I do a decent job at it. But we all hit stubbling blocks...illness, injury, travel, work obligations and most often simply being tired.

I started running to honor Allie and her 15th year in remission. Yes, there was a bit of selfishness in it because I wanted to get back into shape but we have been involved with TNT since 1996 so my heart was in the right place. I thought training would be the struggle but it wasn't. Training with a team is fun and motivating. I was inspired every Saturday as another teammate told their mission moment (why they got involved with TNT).

My personal struggle is lacing up the shoes on my own since January. I'm no longer part of the team...I'm still an alumni and can go out and run with them but its not "my team." Will is part of the cycling team as he trains for Shiner & Tahoe and I quiz him every Saturday when he gets home from was it? who did the mission moment? Etc, etc! Running after work is especially hard because quite frankly I'd rather be eating dinner with my family or playing with my kids. But as Will & I joke, "If Mom ain't happy, ain't no one happy" and Will knows that running makes me happy!

I also know that my running (and Will's cycling) is teaching our kids what a healthy life style is about. The picture above was their first "race"...the Piddy Paddy Dash. It was a 50 yard dash and they received a medal at the finish (plastic yet still a medal). Abi beamed all day and asked when can she do another. They were outfitted in TNT gear, of course! The healthy lifestyle is easy for them to understand - eat your fruits and veggies, treats on occassions & play outside alot (aka their exercise). But getting them to understand what we do is also about helping others is the hard part. Will has started showing Abi pictures of Georgia and explaining why she lost her hair. The kids also wear the Georgia bracelets and we include her in our prayers at night. Its a fine line because we don't want them to be scared if they get sick but we want them to begin to understand why we do what we do!

Children with cancer or anyone for that matter do not have a choice on whether they want to get up and go to treatment. Nor do they have the choice whether the cancer will win or they will...that is all in God's hands. But Will & I do have a choice...we have a choice to run, cycle and raise money to help find a cure. We make the choice to GET UP AND GO!

If you are so inclined to GET UP AND GO with us...please click on the cycling image to the right and donate to Will's fundraising. He is only about $500 away from his goal!
Go Team!

ps...Needless to say I'll be signing up with the winter TNT team again this year. : )

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  1. What winter event are you doing?

  2. Who is "Anonymous" ?

  3. I'm signing up for winter TEAM too!!

  4. I am going to fundraise this winter too! Yay!

  5. What a treat to see my son sharing his limited time for a cause as this. Sure makes a dad proud.