Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Honored Hero: Joshua Rosenthal

This past Saturday for the mission moment we had a fellow TNT teammate from Austin be our speaker. Her name is Pam Rosenthal and she is a friend of Coach Coby. Coach Coby is the spring season coach and an officer with the Richardson Police Department. Pam's mission moment was about her son, Joshua D. Rosenthal.

She spoke about as a young boy he always wanted to be a police officer. His wish came true and as the young age of 22 he was hired as a rookie police officer by the Richardson Police Department in 2006. He was healthy and in excellent shape his mother went on to say. But soon after he started with the police force he wasn't feeling well and visited the doctor. After having some blood work done he was admitted into the hospital. Within 36 hours Joshua suddenly died from acute leukemia. His cancer was 98% curable if if it hadn't metastasized in the brain - which his did. His cancer went completely undetected until it was too late.

You can read more about Pam's journey as she trains for the San Diego Rock & Roll half marathon in honor of her son! GO PAM! GO TEAM!

Coach Coby is seen in the above photo as the first officer on the left. Thank you to Coach Coby and Pam for sharing Joshua's story!

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