Thursday, June 10, 2010


This past weekend was fast and furious...there wasn't much down time in Tahoe as everyone got checked in, went for test rides and prepared for the big event! Tahoe was beautiful...and the weather couldn't have been better for a century ride. I won't go into detail about Will's ride...I'll leave him to post all that next week but I wanted to let everyone know that he did complete America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride...all 100.96 miles!

Also, a very interesting note is that Sunday, June 6 was also National Cancer Survivor's Day! We want everyone to be a survivor which is why we participate in events like raise money for research because research saves lives. And that wouldn't be possible without each of you...our friends and family who donated!

Lastly, I want to share that this past Monday was Georgia's last day of Interim Maintenance - that means 3 phases of primary treatment down, 1 to go! From what her mom said...the last one is the toughest, but it's also the LAST one before maintenance. So every day will bring Georgia one day closer to her finish line! Please continue to send thoughts and prayers her way!

So that's all for now...look out for Will's post next week.

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